Development of technologies for biopreparations production.


In Ukraine there are a huge number of scientific and practical workouts, discoveries and know-how that some way relate to biotechnology of microbial synthesis. But often the really valuable and prospective biotechnological workouts despite having properly issued documents (specifications, permits, etc.), are produced only on laboratory samples level.


Laboratory regulations for technology are only a basis for a complex work in the development of industrial technology of biopreparations production, i.e. creation of technical regulations. Only basing on information from technical regulations it is possible to evaluate the technical and economical effects of use of separate technology. It is an essential basis for organization of manufacturing on rented technical platforms or with use of own production facilities.


One of our leading activities is the development of technical regulations for production of microbial synthesis biopreparations. We are ready to work out the novel technologies, considering suggestions both of inventors and investors. Our professionals carry out the constant survey of current technological improvements and equipments that gives possibility to elaborate novel technologies on the modern level and is essential for production of high-quality and low-cost biopreparations.


The main advantage of our company is the ability to develop an industrial technology for the production of biopreparations basing on the minimum of input data. It is possible because of our own technical facilities for creation a pilot biotechnological setting and our high-qualified personnel – microbiologists, technologists, engineers. This enables us to work out in practice all the details of every technological phase in industry-close conditions and to create the really functioning technical regulations.